Friday, November 20


At the grocery store last weekend, I happened upon a grapple.  A group of four packed neatly in a plastic see-through container.  "Looks like and apple, tastes like a grape."  It says.  

Hmmmmm...  How do you make an apple taste like a grape?  They created Pluots, a combination of plum and apricot.  (Very tasty by the way if you have never had one.)   They engineer hybrid fruits and vegetables all the time.  I thought maybe this was one of those.

Got the package home.  Only bought it because it was on sale and I was curious.  Smelled sweet like grape bubblegum.  Finally read the package.  Ingredients:  Apples, Artificial and Natural Flavors.  Artificial flavors?  In this conveniently packaged apple?  How?  Did they fill a syringe and strategically inject grape flavoring throughout the apple?  This now has begun to worry me.  How exactly do you get artificial flavoring into the inside of an apple?  If anyone knows, please let me know.


Janalee said...

How did it taste??!!!!! you didn't even write about the most important part of the story. Or is that in Part II coming tomorrow.

Jessica said...

An update, per your request.