Monday, March 15

Out of the Closet

I am coming out of the closet and confessing.  I have an addiction.  To shoes.  It started many, many years ago and I blame my Grandma Betty.  Her closet was filled with shoes!  Fancy high heel shoes.  Gold ones and silver ones and cloggy ones and strappy ones, but mostly just lots and lots of shoes.  And when I would go to visit, she would let me sit in her closet for hours and take all her shoes out of their boxes and clomp around the house in any of the shoes I wanted.  I even went outside and walked up and down the driveway, clickety-clicking all the way.  And so, it is her fault that I have such an attraction to shoes.  And now I am going to introduce you to my favorites.
These are my work shoes.  I have to have comfortable tennis shoes to work out on the floor all day.  The white ones in the back are MBT's.  The ones that are supposed to give you a workout and make your legs all sexy like.  Well, that was a nice thought but didn't work quite like that.  The red ones in the back are actually from the kids department at Dillard's.  They were so cute and Amy didn't want a pair.  Luckily, I still have feet the size of a hobbit and so I can still wear kids shoes!  Not complaining!
These are my Doc Martin's.  I wear these when I am feeling especially clunky and the red plaid ones I wear when I want to get my lumberjack on.
Yes, I do own those ugly Crocs, and no I don't care what people think about them.  I also own more than my fair share of flip flops.  When I was a kid, I refused to wear any kind of open toed shoes because I hated my stubby little toes.  Then, I grew up and honestly, you can't live in the desert and not wear flip flops.  The Tevas are my "I'm going on a river trip" shoes, even though I will never be going on any kind of river trip, not with these pedicured toes.
My knock-off UGGS.  I only wear in the winter.  They keep my toes super warm and it is like walking around in a fuzzy cloud all day.  Now, Abby has started wearing them when it is cold too.  She's no dummy.
My "time to get dressed up" shoes.  Doesn't happen very often.  The black Born's in the front are my new favorites.  I wear them with boot cut jeans and funky socks.  Somehow that just makes me smile all day!
My artsy hand made, hand painted leather shoes.  My mom bought them for me at the Flagstaff Festival in the Pines.  So funky and fun.

This is just a small sampling.  There are plenty of others scattered around the house.  A pair of flip flops hiding under the bed.  Old tennies in the garage for working in the garden.  Boots for the long awaited trip to snow.  Slippers that have had their fair share of outings to drop kids off at school early in the morning.  (Don't judge, you know you have gone to the grocery store at least once in your slippers, too!)

You are probably wondering where all the strappy, gold and silver high heels are.  Oh,  how I wish I could have some of those.  I see all the pretty heels.  So sexy and fun like Carrie from Sex and the City.  Unfortunately, mama's feet don't do uncomfortable.  So, I stick with my funky flats and tennis shoes.  

There it is, for all the world to see.  My skeleton is out of its closet.

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jana said...

now that's my kind of post - fascinating! you're lucky you can fit into kids size shoes. I'm a clod-hopping size 10-11 and all the cute ones are about size 7-8. I'm not really a shoe person though. maybe that's why, I gave up a long time ago when I realized it was fruitless.

I'll email you that yardsale pic when I upload it one of these weeks.