Thursday, June 17


...where have I been?  I've been avoiding my blog, that's where.  And why might you ask?  Because sometimes it seems such a chore!  Really, thought it would be much easier to write about my daily musings.  They come so easily in my head, on paper screen they seem less funny and more blah.

But, seeing as how it is 3 in the morning with no sleep on the horizon, here goes...

Summer has begun, or should I stay started three weeks ago.  I long for the lazy days of summer.  Limited hours at work to stay home with the kids.  Get things done around the house I have been meaning to do all year long.  Relax.  Lay by the pool (I have a trip to Hawaii to prepare for, must be tan BEFORE I go).  

And yet, every year gets more hectic.  This year is swim team.  I "made" my kids do it!  Yes, I did!  I think they need to have as many experiences in their childhood as is economically possible.  (The economics part of it is getting a little difficult lately!)  They dread nearly every single one, until they do it.  Then, as if it was their idea, they love it!  Amazing!  Well, I can't say that they love it yet, but at least they don't hate it!  So, swimming every a.m.  No sleeping in much to the dismay of Abby, and to be honest I miss it a little too!  But it is amazing how much you can get done in the morning before it is too hot!

But back to the swimming.  Last week was the first meet.  Abby, my youngest, does not have the competitive spirit quite like my oldest Amy.  I was concerned how she would do competing for the first time.  She seems to take her time swimming down the pool.  So, she started and went her usual pace.  Came in 7th, but I was happy for her because she didn't come in 8th which would have been last.  Then it was time for the relay and I just didn't want her to let her team down.  And what do you know... 1st place!  You should have seen her face!  The first time she has ever received a first place of any kind!  So proud!  I don't think you could have wiped the grin off her face!  But, what was better was her saying to me that she was just glad that she didn't come in last in her individual race.  It really isn't about winning for her.  I am the same way.  Don't get me wrong, I LIKE to win, but I don't HAVE to win. So in the end I was most proud of the way she handled herself when she didn't win.

Well, first few days of summer in a nutshell.  It'll be gone before we know it!

And hey, if I actually have any readers out there, maybe you'll be lucky enough to get another post before the summer is over!

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Janalee said...

My kids are in it too. their meet they had last week yielded them a lot of 8ths, 5ths and 3rds. they seemed a little surprised too. haha.

I was a swim teamer and as uncompetitive as you could get. Pair that with being a weakling and I always got last or next to last. I didn't mind, I got a nice tan out of the deal.