Wednesday, July 21

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico...  Andy and I went for 5 days of humid, hot fun.

Funny story about our trip.  I went to the spa, Andy went golfing.  He was golfing all by himself so he called me after 9 holes to see if I wanted to ride along the last 9.  Sure, I had nothing else to do.  He had to buy more balls anyway, he had already lost like a dozen!  And the girl had told him before he started that if his ball went into the rough to leave it.  It wasn't really rough, so much as jungle.  We found out why you leave them later on, as we came across IGUANAS.  Not little iguanas, like 6 foot long, mean looking iguanas.  They just hung out on the course, and if your ball got close to them, you let them just have it!

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