Thursday, August 12


Andy and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this week.  As money is tight, it was to be a no biggie celebration anyway.  But, here is the silliness that followed.  School started for the girls Wednesday morning, so it was my first day back to work after my limited-hours summer, which I love because I spend a little time playing, and hate because I get a little behind.  Anyway, get to work and walk into Andy's office and wish him a Happy Anniversary.  He looks at his watch and back at me and says, "Are you just trying to be rude about it?" I said, "No, really I meant to wish you Happy Anniversary this morning, but it was busy getting the girls ready for school."  He starts laughing, because one... he forgot about our anniversary, but two... it was actually the day before, so I got the day wrong!!  Hah!

I asked a fellow employee what that meant, and she said what I think is true.  We concentrate on the marriage, not on the day.  What do you think?

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Kajukenbo Arizona said...

Hi Jessica -
I agree! We rarely in the past 22 years have ever been able to celebrate on the exact day for one reason or the other. Congratulations on the milestone!