Tuesday, August 16

Letting Go

On my photography blog today I talked about the summer drifting away. And boy did it ever. It was here before I knew it and then before I knew it, it was gone.

But what I really started thinking about on Wednesday was how time slips away. And how hard it is to let go to that time sometimes.

Wednesday morning, Amy started junior high. Wow, 7th grade. How did that happen? As I dropped her off, she leaned over and gave me a kiss. I told her to have a great first day. She got out of the car and ran to see her friend Robi and hug her friends the way 12 year old girls do. And as I watched her begin her new adventure, all I could think of were the days of pigtails and naps and snack time and Barney and all the times before.

As a mom, you learn very quickly that one of your jobs is letting go. When they are born, they need you every second of the day. Then they grow up a little and can start feeding themselves. Pretty soon, they are crawling and walking and don't need you to carry them every where. Everyday, your kids grow and learn and become their own person. Everyday, you learn that you have to start letting go, because one day they will be all grown up and won't need you anymore. You can only hope that even though they won't NEED you anymore, that you have left an impression on their hearts and they will always return home.

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