Wednesday, July 20

You know what really sucks?

I will tell you! Not having a microwave. Our fancy-shmancy microwave isn't even that old. 5 years is all. We paid a small fortune for it. I loved it! Well, I used to. One day a few months back, I was boiling some water and it wouldn't do anything. So I said shucks and then moved on. The next day it worked fine. I thought maybe it was just a glitch or random act of microwave temper tantrumness. So, I avoided boiling water, thinking maybe the steam messed with the sensor, or whatever lame reasoning I had at the time.

Well, it is done now. Don't know why. But it is. My dilemma. I can't afford one like it. Do I buy a cheapy $50 mini microwave from Target to make my life a little easier? Or do I go back to the old school way of cooking. You know? The days before microwaves were the mainstay in our kitchens? The days when if you wanted to reheat left-overs, you put them in a pan and reheated. The days before you put one cup of water in the microwave to make tea, but actually boiled the water and made tea in a tea pot. The days you used a popcorn popper instead. Hmmmmm?

I think I was in 7th grade before we got our first microwave. And do you know, that 25 years later that microwave is still working? Meanwhile, my EXPENSIVE, fancy, BRAND NEW microwave does not.

That is what really sucks!

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