Saturday, July 2

A Super Quick Update

My last post was 2 months ago. Wow! That is pathetic. Well, let's start with some pictures to get the ball rolling....

Abby was "Billy" in her school play about Arizona. Cutest Billy I ever did saw.

My husband tested for his green belt at the end of May. Two weeks before he turned 40. Yep, he is old now and I am not too far behind. 

Amy posed in the park for me. 12 years old and cute. Dangerous combination.

My nephew Lucien came to visit. He brought his mom and dad too. 7 months old and adorable. Not such a dangerous combination.

Swim Team - Second Year for both my kids. They won't admit to liking it. But they do.

I love this picture. Like a little baby alligator lurking in the water, ready to attack at a moment's notice.

My first successful sunflowers. So BIG and so pretty.

My other kid. Bronco! He is cute, right! Slobbers a lot!

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