Sunday, May 1

10 and Older

Well, it's official. I am the mom to 2 kids in the double digits. 10 and 12. Abby had a fantastic birthday with an amazing cake and putt-putt golf on Friday, and her first slumber party on Saturday night with Cheesecake Brownies, Root Beer Floats, monkey bread in the morning with fruit and scrambled eggs. What more could a little girl ask for?

I told you it was an amazing cake... If you want one, go here or here. It was beautiful AND delicious!

Best part about golf. NO TEARS! Usually we have tears from one or both girls because they aren't winning. Finally they learned, it is about FUN not about WINNING! Happy Mom!

I don't really know why Abby likes that shirt so much. It is my work shirt. Yes, I work at ACE Hardware. She wears it ALL. THE. TIME. Funny kid.

Birthday weekend is over. Next up... Andy turns 40. Cake time!

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