Wednesday, April 27

This Blogging Thing

I tell ya, this blogging thing is a lot of work. I have been meaning to post like FOREVER, but the time gets away from me, and then I don't have a lot to say. At least nothing extraordinary. I don't know how blog-people do it every day. Between my job, my kids, homework after school, karate at night, gardening and on top of all of it trying to start a photography business, I just don't have any time.

So, for my loyal readers... are there any out there? Just a couple pictures to tide you over. This weekend is Ab's big birthday #10, so I promise to post something. I can't wait actually. My friend is making her cake and I just know it is going to be amazing and I am gonna have to tell you all about it! It is also her first birthday sleepover. We kept it small with only 3 other girls, but it should be interesting!

Walking to the park, pretty flowers along the way

My kids. The black one in the middle is my kid too!

Because I think that this is a face only a mother could love.

Are ya comin' mom?

Always with his nose to the ground!

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