Sunday, March 6

I blame the bunny

Have you been as busy as I have been? I don't mean like your normal every day busy, but running around non-stop, constantly? It's the rabbit's fault.

If you didn't know it is the year of the rabbit. A friend of mine told me that is why we all seem to be so busy. But it is a good thing, and because it is the metal rabbit, it will be a prosperous year also. Ohhhh, I can only hope! I just wish there was more energizer in my bunny, know what I mean?

It has been quite a while since I posted, so I have to really make this one count. So, let's review.

Two weeks ago, Amy tried out for the 7th grade advanced band and made it! AND... the teacher also wants her to join the jazz band! Also, the school bands are absolutely AMAZING! I can't wait! Amy can't wait to be a 7th grader. I can't believe I am the mother to an almost 7th grader. It seems like only yesterday.... Now, it is time to quit renting the trombone and buy one. Pricey! Yikes!

Last weekend, watched an awesome belt testing and promotion with my karate school and took some awesome pictures. Truly captured the spirit and strength of all the students testing. This is Katie, she is a great mom and wife and a fantastic martial artist.

Last week, dentist visit for the girls. No cavities! Yay! I was sitting there thinking, "Why couldn't I have had a really cool dentist when I was a kid so I didn't grow up hating the dentist?" I mean, these pediatric dentists are so cool and gentle and fun! Lucky kids. If they only knew how hard I had it! Also, time for braces. Pricey! Yikes!

Ate at a local restaurant last night. The Cornish Pasty. Do you know the place? Pasty. It is like a pot pie, but you can pick it up in your hands. The tin miners used to eat them. Delish!

So busy today. Had to make a list. I am a list maker actually. Love lists. See what I have to do. See what I have done. See what I have left to do tomorrow. You name it, I can make a list for it. The trick is, making a list you know you can finish. If you can't finish the list, or mostly finish the list, you will feel defeated. So sometimes you have to make a daily list. Then for all your stuff, you might need a weekly list, even maybe a monthly list. On todays list... *Vacuum upstairs and downstairs  *Dust upstairs  *Clean the bathrooms  *Clean the girls' room  *Pick up the leaves outside  *Clean the pool and fix pool vacuum  *Plant veggies  *Grocery shopping  *Get stuff ready for garage sale

This is my door going out into my garage. I see what needs to be done everyday. I painted it with chalkboard paint last summer. Best thing I've ever done with paint! Well, maybe not, but it is really cool!

Homemade brownies for my kids tonight. I have been shopping at Sunflower Market. I like shopping there because it is hard to buy junk food when you are there. They don't have a lot of processed foods and there aren't a lot of prepackaged junk foods. My kids hate it because now there are never any sweets in the house. So, I made them some yummy, homemade gooey, chocolaty brownies. The sprinkles were just because, well just because who doesn't like sprinkles?

Update- Oh my goodness, these were some of the yummiest things I have ever eaten in my life.

But we did have something yummy and good for dinner tonight too. Probably one of my favorites. Acorn squash with lotsa butta and brown suga! Yummmm! Oh, and we had some pork and peas too.

My kids today decided it would be fun to go swimming. It is still March, right? The water is only like 60 degrees! But they did, I don't know how, but they did.

Does anyone else have this problem...

A whole PILE of socks missing their match.  36 socks in all. How is that possible? I keep hoping they will turn up by some miracle, but no, I only accumulate more. The worst part is, there are 36 socks out there all alone and scared. Where could they be? Most of them are my husband's and kids' socks, so they could be anywhere. I would stick them all in my rag box and start using them for cleaning and dusting, but I know that as soon as I do that, yep, I will find the matching sock. One day I'll give up and just start using them as rags.

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Janalee said...

love the blackboard door. that is great idea - kids would love that.

and we have a sock drawer that looks just like that too. If i'm feeling ambitious I'll go through every drawer in the kids room and extract all the single socks and then take the ones from my single-sock drawer and start matching up. it's so fun.