Sunday, February 20

A bunch of nothing

Busy, busy week. But then what week isn't.

Valentine's Day... eh, whatever.

Tuesday, open house at the junior high to meet teachers and learn about electives and school stuff.  Still can't believe that Amy will be in junior high next year. I don't know where the time went. I would love to have one more day holding her as a baby.

Wednesday, drove all the way to the main library to get books for Abby's research paper about Black Bears. Our first time to the "big" library and it was nice, it just took forever to get there.

Thursday, felt like I was never gonna get anything done. Lots of little things to get done. The ones you put off until you have more time. But then you never have more time, but you have all these little things to do and they take ALL day.

Friday, finally a day after work to veg and just watch t.v. Started on the first season of Glee. I haven't watched any of them, but they are great and it is something Amy likes to watch with me too.

Saturday, play time at Jump and Shout with the kids. Rainy Day. Love rainy days. Wish we had more in Arizona. Also, minor disaster in the kitchen. Had 8 pounds of strawberries to make into jam. Burnt my first batch. I have never burnt a batch of jam before. Ever. It was gross. Well, my second batch came out anyway.

Reorganized my kitchen dishes to bring some color to my kitchen.

My kitchen mouse. What? You don't have one?

Thursday night moon.

Amy and Abby with their cousin Jada at Jump & Shout.

Korden with his head stuck in the corner. We are not exactly sure what he was doing, but it made us laugh!

Mmmmmm.. Strawberries.

Not so mmmmmmm, burnt strawberry jam.

Amy taking a nap with Bronco.

Rainy days are so scarce, any chance to play in the rain is a good day.

My kitchen "helper" always waiting for crumbs to fall. Notice red painted toenails!

Jerusalem Artichokes. Got 'em with my Bountiful Basket this week. Time to figure out how to fix 'em.

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