Friday, February 11

Tea for Coffee

I recently gave up my coffee habit. Not really a habit to be honest, I just really like coffee. During the winter and when it is cold anyway.  Summertime you will not see me touch the stuff.  I usually make coffee at home and take it in my own mug to work. But, once or twice a week, I would treat myself to a Grande Caramel Brulee Latte. With whip cream because really otherwise what is the point? Yummm-o!

Starbucks only has these tasty treats over the holidays.  Usually November to the second week in January. Apparently I had a few two many over the holidays, because I have determined that that is probably where these extra 5 pounds have come from.

I have been drinking my coffee from home since the lovely, tastiness is not available until next November. And then, last Saturday, I was drinking my coffee, and it just tasted blah. Same stuff as normal, same cream and sugar. Everything was the same, except I just didn't like it anymore.

I have changed my taste to hot tea. Every morning, chai tea with honey. Every night, chamomile or egyptian licorice. (Yes, egyptian licorice. It is sooooo good.)  So, good-bye coffee, at least until November!

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