Sunday, February 13

As Mushy As it Gets

Valentine's...Shmalentine's is what I say. People either love it, or hate it. I can't really say I hate it, but it isn't my favorite. Without getting too cliche, I just think we should show the people we love how much we love them every day, not just February 14th.

With that being said, here is my Valentine contribution.

I was vacuuming on Saturday during my marathon cleaning day. Finally done downstairs, so I turn it off and turn around and what do I see....

Just exactly like that. I swear. I didn't touch it at all. It's a sign. What could it possibly mean?

Do I love my vacuum? Well, actually, I do love my Dyson vacuum. Very, very much as a matter of fact. If anything were ever to happen to my Dyson, I don't know what I might do.

Do I love vacuuming? Secretly, I really do love vacuuming. Probably my favorite chore if I had to name one. I would take it any day over cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, laundry, dusting. I would probably vacuum every day if I had the time. I love how it creates perfect lines on the carpet.  And yes, I do keep them perfectly uniform. If one gets messed up, I go over it all again. And I love being able to see in the canister, just how much cleaning I did! Look! It is full of dirt and dog hair. I feel so accomplished!
So many things you do as a mom, you don't get to see the end result, but vacuuming you can actually measure how much you did. Look! See!

So Happy Valentine's Day to my Dyson! Oh, how I love thee!

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Janalee said...

Man, you practically SOLD vacuuming to me. that's cool about the cord heart.