Thursday, February 10

Random Thought Thursday

1. Well, it seems all I have lately are random thoughts. Not much of importance I have to say I guess. 

2. I took Amy to a Step Up Band Night last night.  It is held at the junior high for students in 6th grade so they can see what band is like when they get to 7th grade.  The 6th graders get 30 minutes to practice a song with the junior high kids and then they perform.  Can I just say, Wow!  They were amazing.  I don't know what the band director's secret is, but his students are amazing. The club jazz band played as well and they were AWESOME! Amy came home so excited about joining band which I was so glad about because she has not enjoyed band as much this year.

3. Speaking of junior high, Amy has a field trip back to the J.H. this Friday to take a tour of the school and learn about electives and classes. I simply can't believe that my little girl is on her way. So many bittersweet emotions. I guess what it comes down to is that I can't really believe I can be that old!

4. My garden survived the freeze of 2010. I know, I know. I live in sunny Arizona. It wasn't even that cold. But, 22 degrees is pretty darn cold when you have lettuce and radishes and carrots and cucumbers trying to grow. But, the radishes sprouted just the other day and I suspect the carrots will be right behind!  I have a lot of work to do on my beds this weekend to get them ready for the big planting here in a couple weeks.  

5. I have been working out a couple nights a week, but I don't get my workout in until 7:30. It has been a struggle for me finding the right food combination to eat before I work out, without feeling total BLAH during my workout.  I tried eating whatever by 5 in the afternoon thinking that surely 2 hours would be enough time to digest everything. Nope. Tried salads an hour before. No such luck. Yogurt and fruit. Still not really. But the other night I was feeling lazy and decided a little Cream of Wheat might be good. What do you know? I only ate about 45 minutes before my workout, but I felt fine the whole time. Well, it was still a hard workout, but I didn't feel like I was gonna hurl every time I did a push up!

6. The girls and I are on our own the next couple nights. Andy is heading to Orlando for a very quick, whirlwind work trip. I don't envy his schedule at all. So, I will have one girl sleeping on my floor with the dog and another girl in bed with me. They don't want me to get lonely, ya know!

Have a fantastic rest of your week! 

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