Friday, October 22


We are home from our dream vacation.  Seven days on the beautiful island of Kaua'i.  I have one thousand pictures to share.  Don't worry, I will spare you and only show you 800 or so!  Kidding...

We will start with our first and second day.  The first day was spent mostly on the plane, of course, and then renting the car, checking in the hotel, checking out our beach and settling in.

The view from our room.  Awesome, right?

Our first dinner, at TC's.  The girls had hamburgers, I had the pork, Andy had a Loco Moco.

"Our" beach, right outside our room.  It wasn't a swimming beach...

...but it was a bury yourself in the beach kind of beach...
And a hang out in a hammock kind of beach!

After our first exciting travel day, we were pooped and went to bed around 8:00, which was actually 11:00 at home.  But we got a nice night's rest and Wednesday, it was time for some fun! We woke up and went to the Coconut Marketplace and ate at Eggberts.  The BEST banana pancakes, banana smoothies, mango smoothies and Abby's favorite... Spam!

After we ate, we made some plans for the next days, and in the meantime, Amy took pictures of every single flower on the island I think.  

We went and rented some snorkeling gear and went to an old sugar plantation which is now home to a rum distillery.  Kaua'i no longer grows sugar cane for mass distribution.  I'm sure that some is grown by individuals, but all of the Sugar Mills have been shut down, the last one just last year I think.  It is cheaper to get sugar from other countries than to produce it in Hawai'i anymore.

At the old sugar plantation, now home to Koloa Rum Co, along with some shops of local artists.

Some old tools used for the sugar mill.

It was then time to go snorkeling, but, we went to the wrong part of the beach so, we didn't snorkel, but just played on the beach instead.

Went to the grocery store and fixed tuna for dinner in our awesome kitchen at our timeshare and had some mai tais and cherry coladas on the beach.

Oh, and one of the funniest things about the island... Roosters and chickens, everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE.  Just running wild.  Walk into the restaurants, hanging out in all the shops, on the side of the road.  Everywhere.  Funny!

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