Saturday, October 9

Where the Wild Things could be

As promised, here are pictures of my new guest bedroom.  First, here is the before. The bed doesn't have a mattress yet, so just pay attention to the walls and decor... The bed and side tables were hand-me-downs from my grandpa.

So, we got the mattress, took down the big cat print and painted, and it was time to get a new comforter. Love Ross for stuff like that, cuz I got a new set for $20!  And, it is kind of crazy, which is fine, cuz I need a little crazy fun in my life anyway.  Are you ready?  Here goes.  

Okay, so I probably still need something in the corner. I'm thinking a cute little chair.

And this is the bookshelf that my dad made for Abby when she was a baby.  I know, it doesn't REALLY match, but I don't really have anywhere else to put it, so for now, it stays.

Some of these things are not like the other, some of these things just don't belong.  Did you find the two things that really don't match.....

If you chose Yoda for one, you would be right.  But isn't he cute?  I can't put him in a closet.

And, probably a sparkly lava lamp doesn't go with zebra, giraffe and leopard print, but hey, you need a little light.  So, that is my "finished" room.  I say that with uncertainty because I am never really finished with anything.  Always have to fix and change something.


Janalee said...

that bedroom looks great - the giraffe print bedspread really makes it.

I have a dress with that same pattern. The reason I know it's giraffe is because I was calling it leopard and Alisha was like, that's not leopard, it's giraffe.

Jessica said...

Yep, you gotta keep up with your animal prints!