Friday, October 8

Goodbye Plastic

Okay, I'll say it and I don't even care if I hurt anyone's feelings. I HATE PLASTIC.  Plastic containers, plastic ziploc bags, plastic grocery store bags, plastic, plastic, plastic...  So, last weekend, I did it.  I finally just bought nice glass containers and threw away all my gross plastic container...

You know how they get, all burnt if you put them in the microwave, stained if you put spaghetti sauce in them, and of course, you can't find the matching lid to save your life.  So goodbye plastic.  (Well, I did save a couple just in case, but I swear, I'm not going to use them unless I am desperate!)

What else happened since last time?  Oh yeah.  I turned 37.  37.  Hmmmmmm.  I do not feel 37.  I sure am glad I am not in my 20's anymore.  And really I'm not afraid of my 40's.  So, I am just 37.

Maybe the best birthday ever.  My husband bought me concert tickets to see Carrie Underwood.  My first ever concert!  Can you believe it?  Yes, I lived a very sheltered life growing up.  Let me just tell you what... Carrie Underwood is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  If you haven't seen her, you should.  If you don't like country music, you would still like this concert.  For anyone that has listened to her music, it is so uplifting, and thoughtful and fun and just all around great!  I can't even tell you how great!  GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!  I would go again tomorrow.  Oh, and it didn't hurt that Billy Currington was awesome too!  Fun and funny and cute and awesome!  And the new band, Sons of Sylvia, SUPER COOL!  Came home and downloaded their album from iTunes.  They aren't even very countryish, more rock/bluegrass/pop.  My favorite new song by them... "Revelation".  Get it!

Billy Currington
Carrie Underwood singing "Some Hearts"
Carrie Underwood singing "This is my Temporary Home"  Great song, listen to it if you haven't heard it
Carrie Underwood in a truck hanging out above the crowd!

Do you think I had fun?  Oh trust me!  I did. I did. I did.  And I told Andy that he was in trouble because I was going to turn into a concert junkie!

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