Thursday, September 30

Say hello to dum-dum

Say hello to Bronco.  We call him Dum-Dum (Think "Dum-dum want gum-gum" from Night at the Museum) with all the affection he deserves.  This is his favorite past-time.  Drinking water from the hose, or chasing water from the hose, or just letting you spray him with the hose.  He is almost 10 months old, and seriously the best behaved and most mild-mannered dog we have ever had.  He does have a few bad habits like slobbering on anyone and everyone he meets.  Sorry Jana, I still feel bad about his terrible sliming of you.  He also loves chewing on plastic bottles and we let him until he decided that ANY bottle belonged to him, even the ones with stuff still inside that are sitting on the counter.  Let's just say, he has made a few messes and so for now, plastic bottles are off limits.  But mostly we love him.  And it is nice to have someone greet you with unconditional love every day.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could all love each other like dogs love us.  We wouldn't look at the color of skin, or position in society, or any other superficial quality that humans are so apt to consider and use as judgement.  They are just happy to be pet on the head, taken on a walk and sprayed with a hose every now and then.

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Janalee said...

don't feel bad. It's a nice story to have tucked under my belt. "Once there was this dog and he..."