Tuesday, November 30

I Knoooooooow!

I know, I know, it has been way too long since I blogged.  I KNOW, I KNOW, how is anyone supposed to read this dang blog if I never write anything?  I KNOOOOOOOW ALREADY!

It's just that the holidays have officially taken over my life.  Food, decorating, family, friends, shopping and all that other gobbledy-gook.  I don't even do that much and I feel it!

Oh and I am sure I haven't mentioned it before, but the store my husband and I work at is being sold, and so we are in the process of getting all the business stuff taken care of too.

And, I am still trying to get this photography business off the ground.  It is a slow process for sure.  Designing letterhead, business cards, brochures, putting together pricing, choosing pictures for a portfolio, website design, deciding on a photo lab and all that other stuff.  But, I have managed to take some super cute photos of friends and family.  Here are some I'd like to share with you...

And check out my photography website if you get the chance.  You can also "Like Me" on Facebook, just search for Jessica Blatnick Photography.  But, enough of my shameless advertising...

I am also SUPER excited for next week!  I am going on my first ever trip as an adult, by myself.  Really!   Can you believe it?  I am flying on an airplane.  By myself!  Well, I am going to visit someone so I won't really be by myself the whole time, but what I mean is, nobody in my immediate family is going with me.  I am going to Denver to visit my SIL and BIL because they just had a baby and I am going to go and visit and help out while I am there.  Seriously.  Can't.  Wait!  Oh, and I am sure that I will also be taking lots of baby pictures while I am there, because that is what little bundles of cuteness are for, besides loving and cuddling and kissing and adoring!!

But, I promise, it won't be another 2 weeks before I post again!

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