Tuesday, November 2

Zipline Day

The last and longest 1800'
This was the day that everyone had been waiting for!  Friday and ziplining.  We went ziplining for the first time in Breckenridge last year and had a BLAST!  So, when we were planning our trip and asked the girls what they wanted to do, this was number one on their list.  We found Outfitters Kauai and knew that this was going to be the company we went with, because they had a Zip and Dip, which included 8 ziplines and then 1 more zipline that you fell into a pool of the water at the end.  Maggie and Eric were so much fun to share our day with.  They told us about cool stuff on the island and let us have as much fun as possible on our trip.

All safety geared up and ready to go.  Amy got the one and only kiddo helmet.  We made fun of her the whole time.

Abby on the rappelling zipline.

Who wouldn't smile when you are having this much fun?


My mom and Amy on the last 1800' tandem zipline.

Abby at the end of the line, just hanging out!

Taking the Nestea Plunge.

Andy too!


Amy doing it UPSIDE DOWN.

Not to be outdone, of course Abby can be upside down too!

Abby with our guide, Maggie, the COOLEST ever!

Abby wasn't waiting.  She was the first one to go!

Next up was Amy with her own daredevil acrobatics.

And Andy!

Nope, none of me!  I was officially a chicken, not to mention, the water was only about 65 degrees! No way.

Todays post also leads me to one of the things I am thankful for.  I am so thankful that my kids have an adventurous spirit.  Ready to go out there and enjoy life, take it all in and never have a wasted opportunity! (By the way, I pretty much MAKE them try everything, otherwise they would never do anything.  They'll say, "But I won't like it," and then what do you know? They like it!  I know, I am mean that way!)

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