Wednesday, November 3

Saturdays are for Catamarans

My mom really wanted to do a catamaran trip.  So, why not, we are game for anything.  This was the only way to see the Northwest side of the Island, and the Na Pali Coast.  Remember this beautiful picture...

This is the Na Pali Coast looking from land.  And yes, that is my picture.  You can not even compare that picture with how beautiful it really is.

So another super early morning to get to Port Allen and get on our boat for the day.  I was a little concerned about sea sickness.  Not for myself but my kids and Andy.  So, dramamine was in order for them for sure.  

Got on the boat and started our boat trip.  It was going to be a 70 mile round trip.  But the weather was gorgeous and the ride was smooth, which was unusual according to our Captain.  It can get pretty bumpy this time of year, but not this morning.  Didn't matter though, because before we even left the port, Amy was already feeling woozy.  

Once we pulled away and the wind was blowing through her hair, she was okay, thank goodness.

Spinner dolphins, much smaller than Bottlenose dolphins.  They get there name because they jump up in the air and spin!  Cool bit of information- they weren't doing much jumping and swimming today because they were sleeping.  Do you know how dolphins sleep?  When it is time for them to sleep, they turn off half of their brain, while the other half keeps them swimming and coming up for air when they need it.  Awesome!

This beach was used in a lot of movies.

This is the other side of the picture from the top.  It was really misty that day, so kind of hard to get a clear picture, but it was beautiful.  This is where we turned around and started our trip back.

This is called Colorado Canyon (I think, it was Colorado "something")

Andy and Abby snorkeling.  No, I didn't snorkel, remember, claustrophobic.

Amy, Andy and Abby... bottoms up!

Cute kid, and really pretty fish!

On our way back to Port.

That picture of Abby was taken right before the weather started getting a little crazy!  A storm was rolling in, so all of a sudden, the swells got really big and we had to pretty much sit down and hang tight.  Andy and Amy were on the top deck, when the storm hit.  It only lasted about 3 minutes, and they weathered the whole thing, no worse for wear.  Abby and I made it down below, but being inside made Abz a little sea sick.  Luckily we only had about 5 more minutes until we got home!

So, we now know that my kids are not really sea worthy.  Me on the other hand, I think I was born to live on the ocean.  I don't need to be IN the ocean, fishes belong in the ocean but I sure do love the feeling of calm and quiet.  Today is the only day we didn't visit the beach at all.  After being on the ocean all morning, and Amy still feeling the rock of the boat when we got back to the hotel, it was nice to just hang out in the hotel and relax.  We had been going 100 miles an hour since we arrived.  Luckily, Sunday was saved for sleeping in!

Today I am thankful for all the beauty around us!

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