Sunday, January 23

Cupcake Disaster

Abby wanted to make cupcakes today.  She has brand new pans from Grandma that have two different parts.  A bottom part with a little pocket to put cream and then a top part to make it look like a cupcake.

Bottom cup

Top of the cupcake

Instead, I ended we ended up with a cupcake disaster.

Yessss.  I greased the pan.
Yessss.  I floured the pan.
I don't know why they broke all apart.  Although I think it is because the finished cake was really airy and fluffy and not very sturdy cupcakes.  Abby was not happy, but I convinced her we could fix it.

Dessert Genius

Layers of messed up cupcake and creamy filling.  I think it will be delish.

I think that this has been a bad month for cakes.  Read here for another story about another Abbey and her cake disaster!


Janalee said...

so funny and that's an excellent solution! never would've thought of that.

two years ago, we had a build-a-bear cake mold that we used for abbey's cake. we had to use their specific recipe to make a more sturdy cake. You had to kind of put the two sides together. and then frost the whole thing. Just horrible, it looked. And as we were singing to her, the whole thing collapsed. She said her birthday was ruined because of that cake. That's why we say she has the worst cake luck. I gave that mold to Goodwill.

Jessica said...

I think it is something about girls named Abby. But my Abby is so good natured about it. And I took the blame, so we called it Mom's Fault Cupcake Mush! It was delicious actually. Wish we would have had some ice cream and hot fudge.