Thursday, January 20

Random Thought Thursday

1.  If you live somewhere in the Valley of the Sun, did you see the moon this morning?  Wasn't it amazing? The sky in the East was orange.  The sky in the West was purple and blue and the moon was ginormous in the sky.  Of course I didn't have my camera, I even looked at it this morning and thought, I should take my camera today, but I passed it up.  But you know, I would have taken a picture and it would not have compared to what I witnessed in the morning light.

2.  Received a notice from my HOA yesterday that my neighbors called to complain about my dogs barking.  Well, let's just say I was less than happy.  I know my dogs bark, that is why they are locked inside all day long until I come home.  All day every day, except one day last week, I came home and let them out to stay outside for 1 hour while I took my kids to get a haircut.  One hour that my dogs may have barked, but certainly not the entire hour.  AND, for that matter the notice said excessive barking.  Is one hour, on one day, over the course of an entire year, excessive?  And, not only that, I have a neighbor that acts like a 6 year old on the playground tattling to his teacher instead of coming to me like an adult and saying, "Hey, I don't know if you know or not, but your dogs were causing quite a lot of noise while you were gone today."  Remember what I said about decency last week.  Just another example of no decency in people anymore.  This happened yesterday and I am still fuming mad!!!

3.  Time to start getting your little seeds planted for Spring and early Summer Veggies.  Today I started 2 kinds of tomatoes, jalapenos and zucchini.  

4.  My husband doesn't read my blog.  He didn't even know I had one.  Doesn't bother me.  In fact I probably prefer total strangers reading my blog instead of knowing people I know might read my thoughts.  He asked why I even wrote one.  It is kind of silly, but it is therapeutic in a way.  I have a tendency to look at the negative in things, but when I write a blog post, I make sure that it is positive and so I have to find the positive in just about everything.  Well, unless I am talking about #2.

5.  I think it is very important for everyone to show gratitude in their life.  And by that I mean actually telling people you are grateful to them and why.  It doesn't even have to be for something specific.  Maybe you are just grateful for a person because they make you feel good about yourself or smile when you think about them.  Tell someone everyday "Thanks"  even if just for a tiny thing.  The more you tell people about your gratitude, the more things you find you are truly grateful for.  (Too many grateful words in that thought! Note to self, find a new word for grateful.)

6.  I said so on Facebook.  I love leftovers.  Like fast food without the drive-thru and all the fat, I said.  So, tonight is night #3 this week of leftovers.  They sure do make life easier!

7.  How many times do you go to the grocery store in a week?  I have been planning my meals and shopping so well that I have not been to the grocery store since last Thursday.  A whole week.  I have to do my shopping tomorrow.  I hope I can stretch out my next shopping day for 10 days.  I'll let you know how I do.

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Janalee said...

Art does a lot of the shopping and there is no rhyme or reason to it. But we go probably 3-4x a week. mainly little trips for bananas and milk. Then a big costco trip. Then a quick TJ's trip. And over to Fresh and Sleezy for there cherries on sale. Art LOVES to go the store. I hate to.