Saturday, January 22

Oh dear!

Really, that is all I can say about the newest developments.

It wasn't really that long ago that shopping had no meaning to Amy whatsoever.  Even just six months ago shopping was less than appealing to her.  But now, she is all about the shopping.  Today we made an excursion to the mall with her friend Kerrie.  She had money just burnin' a whole in her pocket!

It at least is her money.  I recently started paying my kids an allowance.  Amy is 12, a lot of her friends have been getting an allowance for a long time.  Some of her friends get paid big money just to get good grades.  I have always held the belief that chores are something that you are responsible for simply because you are part of the family.  (Mamma ain't gettin' paid to do the dishes!)  And, if I paid my kids for their good grades, they would send me to the poor house!

So, what I started doing is paying them each $5 a week.  I know, not a lot.  I made $3 a week nearly 30 years ago.  Apparently, I haven't figured any inflation into the picture.  Poor kids!  (Ha, see what I did!)  But this was a test to see how they would do managing their money.  I pay them every two weeks.  And because they have their own money that also means that they are responsible for extra things during the week.  Jamba Juice after school, gum at the grocery store, toys they want other than at Christmas and their birthdays, and clothes that they don't NEED.

It has only been a few weeks.  Abby has just about all of her money, and Amy has spent just about all of hers.  Could be an indication of their spending habits, their sense of how much they really NEED something.  And then, I think, it could be the age difference. Amy is 12 and Abby is 9.  Maybe it is just a pre-teen thing.  Time will tell.

Anyway, leads us to where I was today.  Following 2 girls around the mall.  Did I mention 2 giggling girls?  Girls that spritzed themselves with every perfume or smelly body mist, which led to sneezing and itchy throat all the way home.  Somewhat a right of passage for any pre-teen girl.  I just can't believe it happened so soon.  Where did all that time go?


Janalee said...

I heard following daughters and friends around the mall can be awkward for all parties. I haven't done it yet, so I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Jessica said...

I tried to just give them their space. Amy kept checking on me just to make sure I was okay! Just not sure 12 year olds are old enough to do it alone yet!