Tuesday, January 18

Pimples and Yogurt

You may think that this post is a two parter.  One part about pimples (gross) and one part about yogurt.  But no, it is one in the same.  Because....

I finally found a natural cure for you know whats.  Well, at least kind of.  I found it somewhere on the internet, I don't remember where.  But, the article suggested using plain yogurt at night after washing your face.  You don't need a lot, just about a pea size dollop on your fingers.  Rub it all over your face until it is all soaked in and leave it on overnight.  It worked.  It may not be miracle cure, but the redness went away and no new ones showed up in the morning.  My skin wasn't dry and scaly like it is after using medicated acne medications.  In fact my skin was super soft and silky.

The catch, you have to use it every night, or more pop up the next morning.  For me, anyway.  Oh, and the smell of plain yogurt kinda reminds me of baby throw up.  But you get used to it!  The best part for me is that it is a simple, CHEAP and a non-chemical alternative to all those costly creams and gels that may work for a while, but not forever.

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