Tuesday, January 11

Random Thought Tuesday

No real topic today, but some random thoughts

1.  What is happening with people.  I live in Arizona, and the recent events in Tucson have me just plain angry.  Violence isn't anything new. Oldest thing in the book. And you know what, we are all responsible because nobody ever does anything about it. And the people that are supposed to be leaders; politicians, athletes, business people, everyone has lost good old common decency.  That is what it amounts to.  Just be decent to each other.  The great thing about being an American is that we have freedoms to live how we desire, believe in the God that we choose, vote for the leaders we want, so many things we take for granted.  And the simplest thing, being decent to each other, we are incapable of.  I don't get it.  Just be nice.  You know, you don't have to like what I believe, you don't even have to like me, not even a little bit.  But violence, what does that really prove?  What does it solve?  I could go on and on, and it wouldn't even matter.  When are we going to stop accepting this behavior from people?  When will it stop?  Uggggghhh!

2.  No braces yet for Amy.  A few more months, thank goodness.  Soon enough, my little pretty, soon enough!

3.  Cold.  It is just cold.  And I am tired of it.  I know I will regret these words in July when it is like 1000 degrees, but just a tiny bit of warmth would be greatly appreciated.

4.  I don't really know where these 5 pounds came from.  A friend of mine recently lost 9, and I apparently found some of them.  Let's be clear, I am not REALLY worried about a couple pounds, accept that these really worry me.  I am working out, eating healthy like always, even drove past a certain Fast Food Restaurant and denied myself a favorite burger in exchange for a salad made at home.  I only allow myself one Dr. Pepper a week.  So, why all of a sudden are these extra LB's showing up?

5.  Motivation.  Having a really hard time finding any recently.  I have a TON of projects lined up ready to be done with, except I can't even get started.  My office/workout room/junk room is a mess but I hardly have the patience to clean it.  My dining room table and chairs is just waiting for a fresh coat of paint, but I just can't get myself sanding and painting.  So many projects, so not enough time.

6.  Making Amy try out for the Honor Band at school at the recommendation of her Band Director.  She is not happy about it, but that is just too bad.  I told her, opportunity  doesn't always present itself so you have to take advantage of every opportunity you are given. You never know what other doors will be open if you just open this one first.  

7.  Really wish I had some homemade potato soup for dinner.  Maybe tomorrow night.

Happy Tuesday!  

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Janalee said...

Dana was asked to be in Honor's band too. She started bawling when we suggested we might have her do it. I haven't decided if we'll do it or not. She says it's after school and she's too busy for another thing. She may be right. I'll have to look into it.