Monday, January 31

What a Day

If you would have told me this morning that today would have been so eventful, I wouldn't have believed it for a second.  Just a plain ol' Monday morning, struggling to get myself out of bed early, wake the kiddos for school and get to work.

It drizzled a bit last night, so the morning smelled fresh just like I like it.

Got the kids to school on time.

Made it to work early.

I work in a hardware store.  Mostly I do the Accounts Payable and price changes.  Today, after I printed my weekly statement and matched all the invoices to our PO's, I went out on the floor to get some price changes done.  Only had about 1 hour left on my shift and I was working in the Tool department.  In the next aisle, I hear a lot of shuffling around, so I climb down from my stool and turn the corner to help a customer.  What do I find?  A scruffy looking young man, in a trench coat, trying to stuff a boxed tool in his coat!  Not like a little one.  A reciprocating saw.  It is BIG and it was totally obvious what he was doing, but he dropped it out of his jacket real quick and acts like nothing.  I ask if I can help him, he asks for some random thing.  I call over my radio for some extra assistance and than as I walk away let everyone on the floor know that something not right is going down.

The guys keep an eye on him.  I go up to the registers to cover the cashier's lunch, and here he comes.  With the tool.  He would like to return it, there is a part missing.  Yeah, right, buddy.  First of all, the tape is all on the box perfectly, so you wouldn't know if it is missing or not.  And, don't you remember me?  I just saw you sticking the thing in your jacket.

Now, I am freaking out a bit, because I don't like confrontation.  At all.  I ask for the manager over my radio, which happens to be my husband.  He has another employee check the video to make sure he really didn't have it when he came in.  Duh!  In the meantime, here I am up at the registers with a weirdo.  He says he'll just leave and wants to take the tool.  Seriously?  I don't think so.  How about if you put it right up here on the counter and we will just wait for the manager?  I thought for sure he would be smart enough to leave the store before a manager came up front, but no.  So, finally, after what seemed like 14 years at least, here comes my husband and tells him.  "You didn't walk in with that tool, so I think it is time you leave the store."  He just stands there.  You never know what someone is going to do.  My husband says, "You can either leave the store now or I can call the police."  Well, that lit a fire under his hiney and he left, while Andy tells him, "And I think you better not come in this store again!"  One theft averted!

That. Was. Not. Fun.  I do not want to have to do that again.  I think it took a good 15 minutes for my heart to quit beating like hummingbird wings in my chest.  Didn't like that either.

Only had to work for a half an hour more, and home I went.  Got home and ate some lunch, let the dogs out, and Bronco is going mad.  He wants in the pool area.  So, whatever, go ahead. He makes a beeline for the garden, where I see this cute little bird.  He is lucky he made it over the fence with just some extra slobber on his wings!  That wasn't even enough to keep him away.  He came back.  Crazy bird!

Sherbert, that's what the girls and I named him, sure doesn't look like any kind of wild bird we have had in our yard before.  So, I start wondering if he is a pet.  We walked down the street asking our neighbors if they were missing a bird.  Plenty of weird looks we got, by the way.  But no, nobody was missing a bird.  He is still in our yard.  He looks cold, it is raining outside.

And, now as I sit here, a stray cat is in my yard and the dog is about bonkers.  He wants that cat!

When did I leave my normal life and enter the Animal Kingdom?

Please, Tuesday, be uneventful!

Update.... 5:50 p.m.  My neighbor came back tonight.  She thought originally that the bird was a wild one.  So, when she told me, I wasn't too worried.  She came back and said.  Do you still have the bird, it is a ....... I can't remember what she said.  But it isn't a wild bird.  So, we go to my backyard.  There he is laying on the ground.  Oh no, we think he is dead.  She picks him up and he isn't moving.  But then.... he starts moving his beak and head!  It is a REALLY, REALLY cold day.  Maybe just the warmth from her hand is warming him up.  She rushed home.  I'll keep you updated!

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